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Become a registered nurse - a vocation getting hyped

The demand of the aging population for quality healthcare providers as well as proficient healthcare providers enhances, a significant increment will also be seen in the registered nurses. Registered nurses play a crucial role in maintaining the costs of health care as well as making sure that all patients are rendered with quality care.  This career choice has received immense respect for ages and the jobs of registered nursing will continue to boom.  Registered nurses are vital part of a healthcare team and render their prestigious services in a hospital, outpatient clinics, nursing care, privately operating offices, residential care, surgery centers, schools, birthing centers as well as community clinics.

Registered nurses form the crux of the workers serving the industry of health care. They hold the top most position in this field in comparison to the licensed practical nurses as well as nursing assistants. The profession of a registered nurse is both demanding and at the same time extremely rewarding too. Many of the RNs prefer working during the specific hours of the day some in evening, some on weekends and probably others on call hours. They are exposed to different kind of medical conditions, but they are well rewarded for their services. Along with that they have contentment of making a significant impact on the patient’s lives and the members of their families.

As part of their duty, RNs usually render direct services to the patients in the form of treatment, administering medication, conducting diagnostic tests, completing remedial charts, education, health screenings, as well as rendering medical care. The nurses are free to select any particular area of health specialization they would like to pursue including emergency room nurse or providing services to particular groups such as elderly people, children or low income group making it to be a very satisfying career path.

To step in the health care field a registered nursing degree is essential. You can easily fulfill the essential credentials by pursuing any of the programs such as an associate degree in nursing, a bachelor's of science degree in nursing (BSN) or a nursing diploma that are available at several registered nursing schools. However, the most well accepted program is associate degree that takes around two years to finish. Those who pursue this path entail themselves to other benefits also. With completion of the course and on receiving the degree you can fill an application form for the entry level post that will render you with tuition reimbursement as well as college credit to the bachelor degree of two years. With this alternate you can work and gain experience besides continuing your education. Opting for the program of bachelor degree takes four year straight whereas a diploma course takes around four years. The nursing school will become well within your means if in case you gain access to any of the available grants, loans and scholarships. This can also comprise the Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program (NSLFP).

Subsequent to attaining a degree in any of the mentioned programs the nurse also has to get through the national licensing examination, abbreviated as NCLEX-RN. The education requirement of the nursing degree varies from one state to another and it is possible that a nurse will have to pass a local NCLEX-RN test to make them applicable to work in a different state. So, it is colossally important for you to acquaint yourself with the requirements of a particular state where you are looking forward to practice. The most reliable source for this is the state board of nursing.

The subjects that form the structure of the course are nursing theory, physiology, chemistry, nursing theory, microbiology, nutrition, anatomy, pharmacology, nutrition, administration of medication, biology, legal issues as well as ethics. Besides the above mentioned programs during the span of pursuing the course you can also opt to volunteer at a medical institution. With this you can enhance your wok experience and at the same time also strengthen your foundation as a registered nurse. A registered nurse should always aim at the objective to deliver absolute services of holistic healthcare to their patients to ensure their speedy recovery. To become a successful registered nurse, apart from theoretical as well as practical learning a lot of fervor and commitment is also required towards the work.

The registered nurses income is duly influenced by several factors such as experience, location as well as the education. According to a survey conducted in the year 2006 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a nurse in United States is $57,280. Nurses who excel in some specific branch and others who are carrying out lot of responsibilities have several opportunities to find an increment in their salaries.

Registered nursing is known to be rapidly developing career fields. Considering the shortage of nurses, around 587,000 job opening are there from the year 2006 to the year 2016 to raise the present number by 23%. Several hospitals proffer to the nurses a signing bonus, flexible work schedules or sponsor education for the currently joining employees. Several people who are currently offering their services in the nursing industry will soon retire, leaving a large amount of vacancies that require to be filled. A requirement to fill the vacant positions with young and enthusiastic workforce is the requisite need of the hour. The schools of registered nursing are looking forward to new applicants and assisting them to reach their goals in nursing education.

The largest occupation that the health care industry can vouch for is the nursing with a great fraction of the nurses taking up full time jobs. Earning registered nurse credentials will also assist in opening doors to higher as well as specialized medicinal jobs. Grab the opportunity if you want to give your dedicated services as this is satisfying career option is looking out for its next generation of nurses.

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Registered Nurse

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